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You can purchase A Bunch of Guitars and a Cello for $14.99 + $3.00 shipping at the bottom of this page using PayPal.  The CD can also be purchased through and  You can purchase arrangements at the bottom of this page using Paypal.

Arrangements are available for $25 per arrangement.

Please include which songs you would like and whether you would like it sent as a PDF or a Sibelius file. PDFs will include the score and parts. 

Baby Elephant Walk (Mancini)* - 4 Guitars, Bass, Drums

Barracudas (Evans)* This chart has four measures (repeated) which are difficult. - 4 Guitars, Bass, Drums

Blue Latin (Cashen)* - 5 Guitars, Bass, Drums

Blues for Felix (Byrd)* - 3 Guitars, Bass, Drums

Caramba (Lee Morgan)* - 4 guitars, bass, drums (bass & drums required for this chart)

A Child Is Born (Jones)* - 4 Guitars

Discovery & Dance (Cashen)** - 5 Guitars, Cello

Footprints (Shorter)* - 4 Guitars, Bass, Drums

4 on 6 (Montgomery)* - 4 Guitars

Groove Yard (Perkins)* - 4 Guitars

In A Sentimental Mood (Ellington)* - 4 guitars, Bass, Drums

It's A Lonesome Old Town (Tobias, Kisco)* This is the arrangement that plays when you open up my website. - 5 Guitars (uses artificial harmonics and slide guitar), Cello - No solo section.

Meditation (Jobim)* - 4 Guitars

Night of Dreams (Cashen)** - 5 Guitars, Cello - No solo section.

Polka Dots & Moonbeams (Burke, Van Huesen)** - 4 Guitars, Cello

The Search (Cashen)** - 5 Guitars

Secret Agent Man (Sloan, Barri)* - 4 Guitars, Bass, Drums

A Short Trip (Cashen)* - 4 Guitars - This is a four part fugue. No solo section.
Sky Dive (Hubbard)* - 4 Guitars

Sometime Ago (Mihanovich)* - 3 Guitars, Bass, Drums

The Tennessee Waltz (Stewart, King)* - 5 guitars, organ, cello, tuba (optional)

That's All (Brandt, Haymes)* - 3 Guitars, Bass, Drums

Trois Gnossiennes (Erik Satie)* This is three pieces one of which uses artificial harmonics in the beginning. - 4 Guitars
- No solo section.

Yes or No (Shorter)* - 4 Guitars, Bass, Drums

Except for Caramba, you can add or take away bass and drums, on songs that use them, with out changing the character of the arrangement.

*An intermediate level of reading is required.  As with much music, sections of the charts are relatively simple while other sections will require the student to do a little shedding. I use some of these arrangements for my Wheaton College Jazz Guitar Ensemble. 

**These are difficult. 

Arrangements will be sent as an attachment to your email address.  I can send you the PDF or I can send you the Sibelius file.

There is no refund for purchases, but I will gladly send you an arrangement of your choice to try before you buy.

Jeffrey Cashen's compositions and arrangements are being played by the guitar ensembles at Eastern Kentucky University, Salem State College, and Wheaton College.

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