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CD Liner Notes



1) A Child Is Born by Thad Jones 2:48

   4 gtrs. – Solo: Cashen


    Music Box Madness* by Jeffrey Cashen

2) Part1: The Search 6:41

    5 gtrs. – Solos: Ferrier


3) Part 2: Dreams 4:30

    5 gtrs.


4) Part 3: Discovery and Dance 4:05

     5 gtrs. – Solo: McNamara


5) It’s a Lonesome Old Town by Harry Tobins & Charles Kisco 1:54

    5 gtrs.


6) Secret Agent Man by P.F. Sloan & Steve Barri 4:14

    4 gtrs. – Solo: Cashen


7) Blue Latin by Jeffrey Cashen 4:49

    5 gtrs. – Solo: Kirby


8) Meditation by Antonio Carlos Jobim 4:48

    4 gtrs. – Solo: Cashen


9) Sky Dive by Freddie Hubbard 5:28

      4 gtrs. – Solo: Ross-Ma’u


10) Polka Dots and Moonbeams by Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen 4:31

    5 gtrs. – Solo: Cashen


11) A Short Trip by Jeffrey Cashen 1:26

      4 Gtrs.

All music arranged by Jeffrey Cashen


* Music Box Madness is the search for a mythical music box. Part 1, The Search, is the journey to find the music box. The explorers travel through a magical landscape filled with unusual and beautiful sights and sounds. Part 2, Dreams, is a time of reflection upon their journey for the music box. Part 3, Discovery and Dance, is the discovery of the music box.  When opened the music box plays its song, a tangoesque dance.




Jeffrey Cashen – guitar, percussion on Sky Dive

Bob Ferrier – guitar

Steve Kirby – guitar

Jack McNamara – guitar

Tonga Ross-Ma’u – guitar

Cameron Sawzin - cello

Steve Badessa – percussion and bass on Sky Dive

Rick Andre – percussion on Discovery and Dance, Secret Agent Man and Blue Latin

John Sippel – bass on Secret Agent Man and Blue Latin


Recorded at Studio 404 and Positive Outlook Productions

Engineered by Steve Badessa 

Produced by Jeffrey Cashen and Steve Badessa

Mastered by Dana J. White at Specialized Mastering


Front and Back photography by Jenna Mason,

Inside photography by Sophie Browne,


Thank you to all the musicians that worked on this project and a special thank you to Steve Badessa for his patience and his pursuit of excellence.  Also, thank you to Kim Walker of Walker Guitars  for his unexcelled craftsmanship.

Hear some of the CD at these websites:

Jeffrey Cashen endorses Evans amplifiers.

Jeff's main guitars are a 1967 Gibson L-5 and a 1971 Gibson ES-175.





Jeffrey Cashen's major guitar influences are; Joe Pass, Johnny Smith, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino (especially early), Jim Hall, George Barnes, Ed Bickert and the list goes on. Composition  influences are quite varied and include; Gil Evans, Maria Schneider, Beethoven, Ligeti, Xenakis, Cage, Zorn, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky, Ellington, Berlioz, Bartók, Steve Reich, Morton Feldman, and more. Jazz, of course, is Jeffrey's biggest influence.  "I think of the music I write as being multi-stylistic. You'll hear influences of jazz, rock and post modernism.  Every style and genre is fair game. It's all music!"


Jeffrey Cashen has been a performing guitarist for the past 30 years playing everything from jazz gigs to session work to musical theater. Some of the notable musicians that Jeffrey has performed and/or recorded with include Joe Piscopo, Howard Roberts, Greg Abate, Dan Morretti, Jennifer Holiday, Ed Spargo, Greg Piccolo, Lynn Anderson, Clay Osborne and The Dallas Symphony Orchestra (Porgy & Bess),   For the past 10 years, in addition to Jeffrey's recording and performing schedule, he has been teaching jazz guitar, theory and directing the jazz guitar ensemble at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. Jeffrey also teaches jazz guitar and directs and writes music for the guitar ensemble at Stonehill College in Easton, MA. Previously, Jeff has taught at UMass Amherst, Providence College and Rhode Island College.


In a world with a copious number of recordings, Jeffrey Cashen's “A Bunch of Guitars and a Cello” stands apart, offering a truly refreshing, exhilarating and creative take on the voice of the guitar in jazz or any other genre.

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